Merchandise and Souvenirs of Tangerang City Persita's Mini Sling Bag XV

Persita's Mini Sling Bag Size 17cm x 13 x 5,5cm
      Indonesian Football Association Tangerang (abbreviated as Persita or Persita Tangerang) is an Indonesian soccer club based in Tangerang. The team nicknamed the Pendekar Cisadane is identical to the purple costume.

         In the 2015 Indonesian League First Division competition, Persita's headquarters was Maulana Yusuf Stadium in Serang. Then in the 2018 season, Persita used the Dasana Indah Sport Center Stadium, Kab. Tangerang.

        Before having the Benteng Stadium, the fields used by Persita were the Lapangan LPK and Lapangan Achmad Yani. When the Tangerang's soccer progressed rapidly, then came up with the idea for the construction of a representative stadium that stand up the magnificent stadium of the pride of the people of Tangerang, namely the Dasana Indah Sport Center Stadium, Kab. Tangerang and area of ​​44,000 square meters.

     Persita Tangerang has a so many of supporters groups that support when they competing in the stadium, including Laskar Benteng Viola (LBV), which was established on December 23, 2001. Over time, new groups of supporters of Persita called Viola Xtrim in 2005 reappeared. synonymous with its black attributes, and Laviola 2018 this group used to inhabit the east stands of the Stadion Sport Center Tangerang (Wikipedia).
Persita's Mini Sling Bag Size 17cm x 13 x 5,5cm
     Are you a citizen of Tangerang? Do you like Persita? HxR67 launches a purple mini sling bag product.
The mini bag can used to store your mobile phones, power bank, small books, stationery, wallets or tickets. Complete your outfit look with a purple Persita sling bag. Not only suitable for fans of Persita and Tangerang residents, this bag is suitable for anyone and is ideal for whatever you need.
Persita's Mini Sling Bag Size 17cm x 13 x 5,5cm
     For those of you who are in Tangerang and want to give souvenirs related to Tangerang, this is the right time to make a choice in this purple mini sling bag.
Cost-effective, cool and functional design is a plus for this mini bag. Free yourself from the worry of being affected by the cost of aircraft luggage if you want to give your relatives and colleagues souvenirs in the form of culinary products.
       Oh how much is the price? Only IDR 15,000/pieces.
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